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Brands Name

Wow Box Handy Lemon Sprayer

TK. 68.00

Tea/ Coffee Warmer - 2554

TK. 850.00


TK. 1099.00

New Shop BD Mini Vacuum Cleaner

TK. 588.00

New Shop BD Electric Insect Killer Lamp - White and Black

TK. 1650.00

New Shop BD Mosquito Killer Racket - Multi color

TK. 449.00

New Shop BD Grip Meat Tenderizer - Silver

TK. 490.00

New Shop BD Stapler Styled Sewing Machine - White

TK. 699.00

New Shop BD Snap Grip Tools & 8 in 1 Portable Screwdriver Combo

TK. 790.00

New Shop BD Electric Portable Scale - Black

TK. 490.00

New Shop BD Electric Luggage Scale 50 KG - Black

TK. 749.00

New Shop BD Rechargeable Fan With Light And Mushroom LED Light Combo Set - Blue and Yellow

TK. 1149.00

New Shop BD Rechargeable Folding Fan With Light - Turquoise and Yellow

TK. 849.00

New Shop BD Rechargeable Light and Fan - White & Gold

TK. 599.00

New Shop BD Remote Control Electric Switch - Black

TK. 720.00

New Shop BD Roti Maker - Black And Silver

TK. 1099.00

New Shop BD Electric Mosquito Killer Night Lamp - White and Cyan

TK. 199.00

New Shop BD Electric Mosquito Killer Night Lamp - White and Cyan

TK. 299.00

New Shop BD Digital weight scale

TK. 449.00

New Shop BD Round Mandoline Slicer Vegetable Cutter

TK. 1199.00

New Shop BD Garlic Cube Easy Garlic Press Chopper - White and Green

TK. 223.00

New Shop BD Digital Insect Repeller - White

TK. 370.00

New Shop BD Meat Tenderizer

TK. 290.00

New Shop BD Electric Fruit Peeler

TK. 550.00

New Shop BD Non-Stick Frying Pan

TK. 999.00

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