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Nitto Notun Ponno NIMA Electric Grinder - Silver

The machine can grind dry stuff Can not wear wet stuff. Stainless Steel Bowl

TK. 1300.00

Nitto Notun Ponno Roti maker- Silver and Orange

High Quality Chapati/Puri/Ruti Press Maker Convenient Large size Chapati/ Ruti Maker Product Size 8 Inch Very easy to operate Comfortable life

TK. 1650.00

Nitto Notun Ponno 100ft Hose Pipe - Green

Light weight, compact, portable Will not twist, tangle, or kink Durable construction Polyester fabric outside to protect the inner tube Ideal for many watering and cleaning uses Automatically contracts back to the original length when the water is turn off

TK. 1150.00

Nitto Notun Ponno Meat Grinder Sucker - Silver

Minced meat or food Meat, such as chicken, beef, fish, shrimp, etc Vegetables, meat can be mixed together Separate water and cabbage, onions Fruits alone will not twist good Walnuts, peanuts, nuts, etc. (need to remove the hard shell)

TK. 1900.00

Nitto Notun Ponno Coconut Scraper - Silver

Easy to use Washable Non-slip base A strong & firm handle Dishwasher safe Rust resistant

TK. 580.00

Nitto Notun Ponno Atta Mixture Machine - Pink & White

Easy Atta mixer for making perfect Roti Flour/yeast dough can be created Rice powder/pea/flour all mix well Eggs can be mixed with flour/butter/sugar, etc Make any kind of milkshake/lassi for brewing

TK. 560.00

Nitto Notun Ponno Multi Function Hand Juice Maker - White

Hand-pressed Fruit Squeezer Dual Manual Juicer

TK. 540.00

Nitto Notun Ponno USB Mini Double Fan Air Cooler - White & Green

Gives out cool wind with fragrance Add scented bead or ice into box USB connection Mini size Color: White & Green

TK. 490.00

Nitto Notun Ponno Fruits & Vegetables Juicer - Green

Separates juice from pulp in one easy step Intricate design Makes maximum amount of juice Manual & extremely easy to use & clean

TK. 1150.00

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