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Asian Sky Shop Hand Mixture

It is worth investing in a good quality one that is well-made

TK. 1305.00

Asian Sky Shop Dough Maker - Pink

>Product type: Dough Maker >Color: Pink >Highly Innovative Product

TK. 450.00

Pineapple Corer Kitchen Easy Gadget Slicer

> This handheld cylindrical pineapple corer with circular blade is specially designed to peel, core and slice pineapples in 3" diameter rings. The shell remains intact, ideal for those who want to use for serving fried rice dishes, drink bowl, desserts, fruit salads etc. >- Easy to clean, made of stainless steel with a plastic handle. >- Works twice as fast as ordinary peelers >- Makes perfectly shaped pineapple rings >- Retains the juice in the pineapple >- Unique design easy to use for both left & right handed

TK. 297.00


> 100% Brand New and High Quality >Ideal for making your noodles quickly >Perfect for home or restaurant use >Easy to operate and wash with water

TK. 891.00

Asian Sky Shop Steel Noodles Filter (Chakni) 23cm - Silver and Black

>Product Type: Noodles Filter >Color: Silver and Black

TK. 225.00

Metal Spoon Holder - Golden

>Product Type: Spoon Holder >Color: Golden >Main Material: Metal

TK. 531.00

Asian Sky Shop Spoon Set - Brown

> Product type: Spoon Set >Color: Brown >Brand: Good Living >Stainless Steel Cutlery Set >6PCS Table Spoon >6PCS Tea Spoon

TK. 1215.00

Asian Sky Shop Silicone Non Stick Spoon - Black

>Product Type: Non Stick Spoon >Color: Black

TK. 135.00

Asian Sky Shop Stainless Still Mug 350ml - Silver

> Product Type: Stainless Still Mug >Color: Silver

TK. 162.00

Asian Sky Shop Spoon Set - Lemon

> Product type: Spoon Set >Color: Lemon >Brand: Good Living >Stainless Steel Cutlery Set >6PCS Table Spoon >6PCS Tea Spoon

TK. 1215.00

Asian Sky Shop Spoon Holder - Silver

>Product Type: Spoon Holder >Color: Silve

TK. 378.00

Asian Sky Shop Combo of Vegetable Chopper Plus Vegetable Cutter and Meat Tenderizer - Multi-Color

>Easy to cut, no more tears >Vegetable cutter with locking system >>deal for chilly, lady fingers and beans >Stainless steel sharp winding blade for entire cutting >ade up with heavy quality plastic and sharper blades I>t's a great tool to use when cooking steak, especially thicker cuts of meat

TK. 981.00

Asian Sky Shop Stainless Steel Thai Achar Spoon 24cm - Silver

>Product Type: Achar Spoon >Color: Silve

TK. 162.00

Asian Sky Shop Microwave Oven Storage Racks

>2 Layer Multipurpose Stand Shelf for Your Kitchen.

TK. 1350.00

Asian Sky Shop 2 in 1 Super Blender with Pulse Control - White

>Power: 250 Watt >1.5L plastic Jar with small grinder >6 button and 4 speeds >Circuit breaker to prevent motor burn out >Unbreakable plastic Jar and safety lock >Low Noise

TK. 1710.00

Asian Sky Shop Stainless Steel Box Grater - Silver

>Made of durable stainless steel >Each grater is built to withstand years of use >Each side features a hand grip at the top >Allowing for safe and easy two-handed operation >Multi-purpose grater can do more than shred cheese >Extremely versatile

TK. 269.00

Asian Sky Shop Mosquito Killing Racket - Multicolor

>Comes with LED torch light >Built to last >Made with ABS Plastic not brittle recycled plastic >Leaves no smudge, smear or mess to clean up after, no splats or smears on your clean walls >The newest electric rechargeable swatter >The most effective bug zapper to fight against mosquitoes,flies,gnats,bees a

TK. 719.00

Asian Sky Shop Nicer Dicer Plus Speedy Chopper

> Nicer Dicer will make your life easier >safer and more fun in the kitchen

TK. 900.00

Asian Sky Shop Silicone Heavy Duty Non Stick Spoon - Black and Pink

>Product Type: Non Stick Spoon >Color: Black and Pink

TK. 171.00

Asian Sky Shop Turn Table - White

>Product Type: Turn Table >Color: White >Main Material: N/A

TK. 621.00

Asian Sky Shop Foldable electric kettle for Traveling - White and Blue

> Material: plastic, silicon (food grade), 304 stainless steel >Voltage optional 110V ~ 120V & 220V ~ 240V (Spin Button) >Power: 680 watts >Heating method: chassis heating >Capacity of 500ML >Heating time: 4 minutes

TK. 1440.00

Asian Sky Shop Pizza Cutter - Silver

>Product Type: Pizza Cutter >Color: Silver >Main Material: Stainless Steel

TK. 225.00

Asian Sky Shop Handheld Noodles Maker - Silver

>Material:Metal >Height:18cm >Diameter of Body:6c

TK. 657.00

Asian Sky Shop Hand Beater - Blue

> Product Type: Hand Beater >Color: Blue >Main Material: Stainless Steel

TK. 261.00

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